I am a junior attorney who is striving for financial independence and early retirement. After countless hours of researching and digesting financial advice from different websites, videos, and academic papers, I have reached the conclusion that none are tailored for me.* This site is meant to provide general money management advice for other millennial professionals based on my research, personal experience, and past mistakes. Please join me on my journey, and hopefully we can achieve financial independence together.

I decided to start this blog because I noticed all the financial advice online was directed to the “average” person. However, the “average” person appears to be a suburban office worker, who earns $60,000/year and buys a home for $200,000. This person has a few key differences from the average millennial lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc. Generally speaking, these people: make more money, live in large cities with high costs of living, and carry student loan debt.

I found that the general rules of frugal living were not quite realistic for my situation. Even if I save more than 30% of my income, I still cannot afford to buy a decent home in my area. So while my savings were growing, I did not feel like I was optimizing my progress towards financial independence.

Thus, I decided to start this blog to share some of my tips and tricks I’ve picked up (as well mas my mistakes), and together, we will achieve financial independence.

*This site is more directly targeted to the career and financial path of a big law attorney, because that is my personal experience (reasonable debt, reasonable doubt, get it?). However, I feel that this blog can be very useful to any young high-income professional, as I provide the same general advice for my friends working in finance, medicine, and engineering.